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For the Tzedek Olamim, the Tzidkat Hashem (the righteousness of G-d) is having its hisgalus (revelation) in the Besuras HaGeulah by emunah (faith) from first to last, from [orthodox Jewish] Faith to [orthodox Jewish] Faith, as it is written, V’TZADDIK BE’EMUNATO YICHE’YEH (“The righteous by his faith shall live” CHABAKUK 2:4; Ga. 3:11; MJ 10:35).

For, “All flesh is grass and all of [mankind’s] glory is like the flower: the grass withers, the flower falls, But the Word of our G-d stands forever” YESHAYAH 40:6-8). And this is the Dvar proclaimed to you as the Besuras HaGeulah [in Moshiach]. [T.N. On the word mevaserim 1K 1:12 see Isaiah 40:9.]

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