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For, “All flesh is grass and all of [mankind’s] glory is like the flower: the grass withers, the flower falls, But the Word of our G-d stands forever” YESHAYAH 40:6-8). And this is the Dvar proclaimed to you as the Besuras HaGeulah [in Moshiach]. [T.N. On the word mevaserim 1K 1:12 see Isaiah 40:9.]

Instead of your bushah (shame) ye shall have a mishneh (double [portion]); and for dishonor they shall rejoice in their chelek (portion): therefore in their land they shall possess the mishneh; simchat olam (everlasting joy) shall be unto them.

For the Chen v’Chesed of Hashem has appeared, bringing Yeshu’at Eloheynu to kol Bnei Adam, Instructing us to deny all that is frai (irreligious) and not of chasidus [in Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach] and all that is ta’avanut, and to live with seichel and tzidkat Hashem and yirat Shomayim in the Olam Hazeh,

But it is no longer Anochi (I) who lives, but Moshiach who lives in me, and the Chayyim I now live in the basar, I live by emunah, emunah in the Ben HaElohim [Moshiach], the one having ahavah (agape) for me and having given himself over, on my behalf.

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